“How to” contest

This year, we’re offering a great opportunity for students to showcase their interests, expertise, writing, and interviewing skills to our greater community. This pairs with our new Strategic Plan’s priority of Career and College Readiness in offering an opportunity for students to explore a skill within a career or industry. So, what’s the opportunity? It's the “How To” Contest!

Students grades 6-12 attending Gardiner Middle, Tumwata Middle, CAIS, OCHS, and OCLSA may write a short “how to” article on any topic of their choice, so long as it's appropriate for a family friendly audience. The “how to” article should provide step by step instructions on “how to” do something. Students must find, interview, and quote a minimum of one expert on their chosen topic throughout their piece. Pieces need to be at least one page, using 12 point font, and single spaced. Appropriate source citations may also be included. Articles will be judged against criteria outlined in the rubric listed below.

The top three finalists from each school will be presented to a panel of judges to decide the final two winners (one middle school, one high school). Finalists will have their works published, here, on our website and the two overall winners will have their works published in our monthly community newsletter. For questions, please reach out to our Communication Coordinator, Caitlin Bergstrom or our Career and College Pathways Administrator, Victoria Meinig.

Congratulations to our 2024 winners!

Middle School - Carson Minnich with “Keeping the Game Fair, One Call At A Time”

High School - Elizabeth Bulter-Parrish with “How to Brush Your Teeth”

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